Frontline Defense


Defend your property with our patented door system

Historically felons have found easy access to property by merely using a pry bar or similar device to pop open doors to gain access. To create the greatest possible deterrent against this type of entry, Frontline created the full door latch protector.

Since 2008, Frontline has supplied this technology to retail, government, commercial and residential doors, deterring and eliminating forceful entry into buildings creating safety and security for all owners.

Designed for both out-swing and in-swing doors, the system is offered in both aluminum and steel material and available in several standard colours, and can be custom ordered to fit any size and colour required.

Patent #2,444,030


Frontline Defense full length interlocking aluminum astragals offer a lightweight solution to the problem of latch bypass and door separation. Being lightweight these plates do not add much extra strain on the hinges or pivots of the doors they are installed on. The ease of install and appealing look when the plates are installed make Frontline Defense interlocking astragals a great choice for aluminum glass door security.

– Windwood Group Sign Makers & Locksmiths