Is your property secure?

Our patented interlockers are the first line of defense against break ins and theft.


Recovering from a break-in or other types of property damage is expensive, time consuming, and costly in terms of reputation management.

Our Interlocker is the simplest, most basic method available to secure your property from forced access and keep your tenants or business safe.

Why Choose Frontline Defense?

If you’re a locksmith or a building security product retailer, find out how you can become a preferred distributor of Frontline Defense door latch protectors.

We keep properties safe.

A secure door will deter the majority would-be property criminals and prevent your property from being an easy target.


We protect tenants.

Safer residential properties mean greater tenant satisfaction and lower turnover rates.


We make neighborhoods safer.

Property crime simply breeds more property crime. Safer buildings encourage would-be burglars to go elsewhere.


We save businesses money.

Secure doors are a smart cost-saving investment any business or property owner.


Our product is easy to install.

Our Interlockers are customizable to virtually any door and are quick and easy to install, causing little if any disruption to your business. See how easy it is.


We‘re police approved!

Frontline’s patented interlocker has been endorsed by the Edmonton Police Service.


Where To Find Our Product

See here for our list of distributors or contact your local locksmith and ask about Frontline Defense’s full door latch protectors.